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Oakdale Is Located In Ontario, With Homes In Toronto, Stouffville and Barrie.

Our Toronto Programme Consists Of Three Residences:

Commonly known as House 1, House 2 and House 3, they are located in the east end of Toronto, all within close proximity of one another.

House 1 offers individualized programmes designed to meet the needs of young adolescent boys and girls with moderate to severe developmental delay and/or autism.

House 2 is a setting for adolescent males with emotional or psychological disturbances. Its location is ideal with easy access to the subway and amenities which encourages and facilitates life skills independence, which is the focal point of the House 2 programme.

House 3 is an intensely structured home, serving the individual needs of young autistic children and as well, children with varying degrees of developmental delay. Some of our children served in this programme are multi-handicapped.

House 4 has served as a transition house for residents who have reached 18 years of age and are awaiting adult placements. The programme centred around independent/semi-independent living with the emphasis on vocational/ workshop training. It dually serves as Oakdale's administrative Head Office.

Our Stouffville Programme Consists Of One Residence:

House 5 (Amber House) Stouffville, is a "High Needs" program for young girls and boys. 1: 1 supervision, medical monitoring and intense programming are an integral part of the daily routine. This residential program is designed to help and support the resident, to cope appropriately in any environment.

Our Barrie Programme Consists Of Four Residences:

House 6 is situated on a farm setting on the outskirts of Barrie. The rural setting offers an environment associated with country style living, accommodating a small scale animal husbandry program.

Residents of our farm program are children growing into their adolescent years with varying degrees of developmental delay and/or autism. A structured program incorporates the use of its spacious setting with various outdoor recreation activities and exercise programs. Emphasis is placed on self help skill training, behaviour management techniques, appropriate social interaction developed by Oakdale's team through individual treatment strategies. The residents are transported to local schools where consistency and communication are maintained by regular Oakdale and school personnel meetings.

House 7 is located in Barrie, close to all amenities. The residents are higher functioning (borderline) developmentally challenged adolescents. The programmes are designed for lifeskills and vocational training with the emphasis on community integration. Some clients are capable of using public transportation.

House 8 is a large bungalow located just north of Barrie, in Midhurst. This home offers a 3 bedroom main level with a one bedroom self-contained apartment in the lower level. This co-ed program teaches self-monitoring and behavioral management techniques for its dual diagnosed/attention deficit residents. This program promotes full integration within the community with support from staff. Ages range from 7-16 years.

House 9 in Barrie serves as a transition house for young adults awaiting placement in Adult settings. Please refer to House 4 for details.

Oakdale is a founding member of OARTY (Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth) and as such, is involved in various committees with the Ministry, Children's Aid Societies, School Boards, etc., to ensure that the needs of the mentally challenged population are met and enhanced.

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